Friday, December 31, 2010

Blog Management

I'm sure you've noticed that my blogging has been rather hit or miss recently. I've mentioned a few times that we've been living out of hotels and in many of these, the internet connection has been questionable. Some have had free wi-fi, others haven't, and honestly, we're too frugal around here to pay for internet at most hotels.

One of my goals for the new year is to get back to a more regular blogging routine. I find it very cathartic, and well, evidently there are a few people out there who care what a cocker spaniel does during his day (do you folks not have jobs?). It's ok. Don't run out and get a job. I'd rather you read my blog.

Lastly, I also apologize for the lack of doggy antics recently. Since we don't have any furniture and have been bouncing around hotels, there hasn't been much trouble to be had. My belongings come on Monday though, so stand by.

I am planning on at least 5 posts per week during 2011--hopefully I can keep up! I am also working on changing up some of the layout of my blog, so don't get nervous if you come to the site and it looks different. I told Fod I was making changes, and he did this:

Fod doesn't have a good coping mechanism in place to deal with change. You can imagine how much stress Fod's been under since Obama became president--so much talk of change. It's overwhelming, really. But don't worry. Blog changes aren't scary.

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