Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We're getting a new puppy!!

So, my people said we're getting a new addition. I was confused as first because I thought they meant New Edition, which I thought was pretty impressive. I love me some Bobby Brown and could rock all day to Candy Girl, so I was pretty excited. Unfortunately, I realized they didn't mean the band, they meant a new ADDITION. Close. So, I think we're getting a puppy. Mom showed me a picture of the new puppy. I'm sure they're getting a new cocker spaniel since I've been such a big hit, but this really doesn't look much like a cocker spaniel. Mom says it's really early for it to look like a baby (I presume she means "baby cocker spaniel"), but that it will look like a "baby" soon. I'm excited. I like dogs and getting a new puppy would be so much fun!!!

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  1. Congratulations!So happy for you ;) P.S. My sister spent hours one day reading through your blog laughing until she cried. She can't stop quoting it. Thanks for making us smile :)