Thursday, July 15, 2010

Proper introductions

Everyone, meet Pink Duck.

Pink Duck, meet Everyone.

My grandparents had this horribly cruel idea to give Pink Duck to my baby sister. That's nice and all and very thoughtful. But Pink Duck squeaks. I am sure you can see the issue unfolding here. My baby sister doesn't know how to adequately love on something that squeaks. Never fear though, because I totally do.

I have attempted several rescue missions because my people keep trying to put Pink Duck in the room with all the water. Finally, my mom put Pink Duck on top of the big box where they keep the cheese in the kitchen. I was worried, but thought Pink Duck would be ok.

Until last night. My mom tried to drown Pink Duck. I'm not kidding. I wouldn't joke about things like this. She put Pink Duck in the tub with my baby sister. What was Pink Duck supposed to do?!?!?! Poor helpless duck. So, I (obviously) only had one choice. I got in the tub with my baby sister, got Pink Duck out, and ran to my crate.

My mom eventually took Pink Duck back after she finished giving my baby sister a bath. Now, Pink Duck is back on top of the big box with the cheese. But first, she did let me spend some quality time with Pink Duck.

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  1. lolololol (sorry i'm just now catching up on the blog)