Friday, July 30, 2010

1095 in 365 July Tally

July was a little weak, but that's ok. I had made such a big push in May and June, I kinda needed a break. So, this month I only got rid of 2 things (a Vespa and a helmet for a Vespa). Well, net 2 things. I got rid of some towels too, but I replaced those with Pottery Barn towels, so since it didn't truly de-clutter I figured they didn't really count. So, a total of 435 things have left our house. That means I need to eliminate nearly 4 things per day between now and the end of the year (this month put me behind again). I still think this goal is going to be completed by the end of the year though because my people are working on cleaning out their shed too, which will be more items on the list!

I have an extra long to-do list for August, so I should have a decent list of items that have left by the time I report next month.

I hope.


  1. Sometimes we all have to take a break! You are way ahead of the rest of us either way! LOL! :D

  2. You are doing great! This challenge has been a wonderful way for me to reduce the junk in my home.