Friday, July 9, 2010

It's MYpoints, not YOURpoints

And I'm hoggin' all of 'em. Well, except the ones I share with my people because they don't have any good dog stores listed when I cash in my points. Someone really should do some marketing research. I feel like I am probably not the only dog in the blogosphere--I mean, there's DogBook for crying out loud! (You know, like Facebook, but for the canine contingency.) Know your demographics folks. That's all I'm saying.

But I digress.

So there's this website called The general gist of it is that they send you (what I would consider) junk email. You click on said junk email and get points awarded for your clicking. You can also get extra points if you shop through their site, use printable internet coupons from their site, and complete surveys, among other things. It's super easy and I think I probably spend a grand total of 15 minutes per day clicking through these. In any case, as you accumulate points, you can use the points to cash in for gift cards. I recently let my people have my points (I think you now understand my beef with corporate since there are NO pet stores listed--I am forced to surrender my points for things like clothing, home decor and dining out....which sounds good except I don't get to go to the restaurant!!).

Again, I digress. I will try to stick to the facts this time.

I gave the points to my mom to use and she cashed them in for Pottery Barn gift cards. She then used the gift cards to buy towels from Pottery Barn. Have you rubbed your snout a Pottery Barn towel recently?? Snugglicious.

The best part was that she didn't have to pay for the towels! The total for what she bought would have been $80, but with the gift cards, she didn't have to pay at all--free towels!

Hip hip hurray! Snuggles for everyone!

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