Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Photo book lovin'

Warning: I am about to shamelessly plug Shutterfly (again). Mostly just because they are awesome. But also because I love them.

My people have recently started making a yearly photo book. My mom used to make traditional scrapbooks, but those really get bulky. Plus, the supplies can start to take over your house. I know there are lots of companies that encourage digital scrapbooking and sell products of that sort, but really, I've found that Shutterfly's photo books more than fit our needs. They have several pre-made photo book layouts where, in a matter of minutes, you can have a really awesome looking photo book. Seriously, there's not an excuse to NOT use them because they're so easy. BUT, if you have time.....boy can you get sucked into the options. There are so many different backgrounds, layouts, borders, etc. that it can be a black hole. A fun black hole, though. Plus, pretty much every time I've ever ordered from Shutterfly, they've sent new coupon codes with my order. So, after the first time, you'll have more coupon codes than you know what to do with. Shutterfly doesn't (generally) limit how many coupons you can stack, plus if you use Ebates you can get cash back making your out of pocket even smaller.

What? You don't use Ebates? Go sign up now. You're welcome.

Now that you're done signing up for Ebates, go have a ball with Shutterfly.

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