Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I was at the vet a few weeks ago getting my flu shot. Well, ok, it was kennel cough....samesies. Anyway, when I got on the scale, the vet told me that I had gained :gulp: 4 pounds!! This may not sound like much to you humans who weigh more to begin with, but this was a gain of 13% of my total body weight. That's like a 200lb man gaining 26 lbs. This is no joke, folks. The weight gain was rough enough, but then the vet said the unspeakable. She told my mom to not give me snacks. I nearly hyperventilated. So, now I am reduced to corrupting the new generation:

While she eats, I patiently wait for casualties. She's quickly learning that if she drops food for me, I will prance around and act excited. She likes my dancing, I like her food. It's win-win really. Though, it's much easier if my people just give me snacks at random. Hopefully I can shed these pounds and get back to my regularly-snacking self.

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