Friday, November 5, 2010

1095 in 365: October Tally

I've been on a roll. This room is no more, just like the last one. My people had their yard sale and nearly all the stuff you see in this picture has now been either, put in storage, sold, or given away. The tally for this month is a gross underestimation. My people are in the midst of moving and already know their new house will be much smaller than their old one. So, in the moving process, they got rid of a lot of stuff that they won't have room for. Unfortunately, my people were in a bit of a rush during most of their packing and so they weren't able to keep an accurate tally of their de-cluttering. So, here's the rough tally for October:

- 2 tools
- 10 kitchen items
- 2 lunch boxes
- 10 furniture
- 1 grill
- 2 sporting equipment
- 18 books
- 8 socks
- 2 office items
- 4 home decor
- 1 bathroom item
- 1 coat
- 1 car item
- 11 DVDs

Total: 73 items

590 items have made their grand exit and are either resting in peace at the dump or (hopefully) are being used by someone who had a purpose for them. Things definitely aren't looking up for reaching the original goal since at this point I would need to get rid of 9 things per day. However, at this rate, my people have gotten rid of nearly 2 items per day so far for the year, which I think is excellent. How'd you do?

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