Sunday, November 4, 2007


Well, I'm glad to see that my faithful following is concerned with my lack of blogging. Not to worry. If we're being honest, there's NOTHING to do here. There's no good furniture to sleep on, no tv to listen to, and my people aren't even here much...boooorrring.

I went to PetSmart a few times to go shopping. Always a good time. I got to ride Titanic-style on the front of the cart. I was king of the aisle.

Bevan came to visit which was super. She brought a blue toy but then it broke. Mom says she's going to fix it, but it was upsetting. Bevan let me cry on her shoulder--such a nice lady. She also had this amazing blanket that was great for rubbing my snout on. It felt so good.

That's all my news. See, I told you it's boring here.


  1. I feel honored to have made it into Jack's blog.

  2. oh and you forgot to mention that shortly after this photo was taken Jack let loose a ginormous fart.