Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fantastic Freebies: March Edition

March was another great month for freebies. Here's what I got:

- 2 Kirkland (Costco brand) piddle pads
- Purina One Beyond food (yay!!!!!)
- 2 packets Miracle Whip
- Maybelline FitMe makeup (approximately a week's worth of foundation)
- sample packet of Post-it note file tabs
- Dentek floss picks
- Doggie treat. I can't remember what brand, but it was delicious and supposedly good for my teeth. I should probably try another one, or 2 (or 6) to make an accurate judgement on that. Could we get some more snacks over here please?
- Bath & Body Works Country Chic lotion (travel size)
- Aveda Hand Relief (travel size)

Did I mention it's exhausting to catch up on all these blog posts?


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