Sunday, October 3, 2010

Consignment shop

I have no idea what a consignment shop is, but my people keep talking about taking some of my baby sister's stuff there. I mean, "consignment shop" just isn't a phrase that Fod and I toss around very often. So, I Googled it.

Consignment: shipping to a dealer who pays only for what is sold and who may return what is unsold. First used circa 1668.

Ok, first off, that sounds like shots at the SPCA. You get neutered and get shots if you get a home. If not, well....*shrug* I hope this isn't the same thing. I also asked Fod what it was and he said that it was a place that people could take cocker spaniels who steal lunch meat. I hate to draw attention to myself, so I just left the subject alone.


My people took a big bin of my baby sister's stuff to this "consignment shop" and got money in return for it! After further clarification, apparently she took stuff to this shop where they decided what they wanted and then they gave her a check for the items. My people then put the money in my baby sister's college account (since all the stuff was hers to begin with).

There are lots of consignment shops around, you just have to look (or Google). Definitely check them out!

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