Monday, October 4, 2010

Scanfest 2010

Thank goodness I have a crate. Seriously. My people tend to move a lot and I'm just glad I have a place of my own amidst all the chaos. Because they move so frequently, square footage just isn't a done deal, which, in turn, means they need to be particularly on top of organization and clutter. They've been on the east coast for the last 3 years, which has meant more square footage. But that also has meant they've accumulated more stuff. We're heading back out to the west coast at the end of the year and moving to a smaller home, so that has been a good motivator for my mom to declutter and get really organized.

So, along those lines, my people have been trying to get organized with their pictures and memorabilia. It's all worth remembering, but space is at a premium.

Enter the scanner.

My mom has been scanning all of our old pictures, Christmas letters, photo cards, birth announcements, etc. that they would like to keep. Then the paper items (i.e. birth announcements and Christmas letters) are getting tossed in the garbage. All the photos are getting stored in a plastic bin. On the computer, my mom has sorted all the pictures by year and is using to back up all the pictures on her hard drive. It sounds complicated, but really isn't too bad. Plus, it takes up so much less space. My mom has scanned around 2000 items and it took a total of about 8 hours to do (broken up!).

Laura would be proud.

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