Monday, May 24, 2010

I *heart* lists

I have lots going on these days, what with being responsible for a new pack member and all, so I will be posting my "rough" to do lists approximately every week or every other week, depending on what I have to do. I figure this will help keep me accountable, plus when my people are feeling lazy I can say stuff like "If you don't fill-in-the-task, what the heck am I going to blog about?!?". This week is a short week because my mom and baby sister are going out of town, but here's what's on the agenda for the first part of the week:

- completely finish cleaning out guest room closet (this one is nearly done, I just need to finish it Turns out, this one is a bit more involved than I thought, but it will be done soon. I needed to clean out the master bedroom closet in order to make room for the stuff coming out of the guest room closet, so it's kind of a 2 part clean out.)
- clean out car (yes, again. This needs to be done before my mom and baby sister leave for their trip)
- update coupon box - DONE
- prepare meals for while mom is gone
- pack for trip
- clean off regular stroller for my baby sister so she can sit in it "regular-style". Allow Fod to demonstrate:

This was taken a long time ago before my baby sister came and Fod was taking the new wheels for a test-drive. My people were still moving in, which is why there is all the junk in the background. Forgive them.

I will periodically update this post, so stay tuned. I only have 3 days to finish all this before my mom leaves, so it better all get done! Also, sorry about the 8 million posts. I have lots to update you on and I got a little behind on my posting last week.

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