Monday, May 24, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: Short Week

This is going to be a short week as far as menu planning because we're having a Snausage fest! You heard me. My mom and baby sister are going on a trip starting Thursday, so it's going to be boys only! Soooo, that means menu planning only for the first 3 days and then my dad will be eating man-food, such as Ramen, frozen pizza, and tuna fish sandwiches. He loves it. My mom is going to take a few things out of the freezer and divvy them up into plastic containers to help him so he at least has something resembling a vegetable while she's gone. Here's the plan for the first 3 days of the week:

Breakfasts: bagels, yogurt, fruit

Lunches: sandwiches, leftovers

Monday - Chicken tetrazinni and fruit salad
Tuesday - Stirfry with white rice
Wednesday - Vegetarian taco salad
Thursday - Sunday - MAN FOOD!!! *grunt*

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  1. Mmmmm - man food. Even I can get on board with some ramen or frozen pizza every now and again. (but doesn't chicken tetrazinni sound good now? Might have to get on that for next week.)
    Visiting from OrgJunkie!