Saturday, April 3, 2010

No Spend Update

I'ma need a do over. For real.

Day #1 (April 1) was off to a good start. Until I went to bed. I am embarassed to admit that my incredibly fine tuned powers of hearing were not at their best on Thursday night. They were so off that someone stole the GPS out of my Gramma's car. See, Gramma had come to visit and see me, Fod, and my baby sister. Dad had tried to be nice and get her bags out of her car. He thought he locked it, but apparently didn't, and so the GPS got legs and walked off during the night. Obviously it was our responsibility to replace the GPS, however said-GPS was no cheapo. So, $500 restored my Dad's integrity.

Then Dad found this:

My people made a deal a long time ago that Dad could have a muscle car when he found a really good deal. They saved up the money and it has been burning a hole in his pocket since he's had it. I guess it isn't THAT big of a deal since it was a "planned" purchase, it just wasn't planned for during my no-spend month. Just a coincidence that Dad found a good deal during my no-spend month. I'm just taking his word for it that it was a good deal. He won't even let me get close enough to sniff it because he's worried I will mess up the leather. Hrmph.

Moral of the story: No Spend Challenge has been an utter failure thus far. Do over starting now.

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