Saturday, April 30, 2011

Financial Goals Update: April Edition

guest post by my Mom

April was a great month, but not because of our financial goals. As I mentioned in my last update, we knew we weren't going to make huge headway on our mortgage like we had in the first part of the year. This month definitely proved us correct there. BUT, it was for a great reason. We had the opportunity to make donations to several good causes this month. These funds may have otherwise been used to pay down our principle, but instead went to very worthy causes. A good month, indeed.

So, here's our update for April:

:: Tell Wells Fargo where they can shove our mortgage. As of the end of March, we have paid off 19.35%!!

:: Add to emergency savings. Done! We met this savings goal in February.

:: Pay for only 50% of gifts out of pocket - This one is still a success, though I didn't have to buy any gifts this month. I have quite a few (as a result of a recent baby boom by friends!) to purchase in coming weeks, so I'll be sure to report back in May!

How did you do this month?

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