Thursday, April 7, 2011

Financial Goals Update - February/March

guest post by my Mom

Since things have been a little crazy around here following shoulder surgery, I haven't been able to give a proper financial goals update. Thankfully, despite the craziness, we've been able to make some really fantastic headway on our goals. We are being realistic and know that the next several months will likely not provide the same results, so we are just enjoying the progress we've made and grateful that God has totally provided above and beyond!

Here's our update for February & March:

:: Tell Wells Fargo where they can shove our mortgage. As of the end of March, we have paid off 19.35%!!

:: Add to emergency savings. Done! We met this savings goal in February.

:: Pay for only 50% of gifts out of pocket - This category was a winner. I had to buy 3 gifts this month. I used points to purchase gift cards for 2 of the gifts. The third gift was purchased using "cash back" that I got from using my debit card.*

*Many banks are starting to offer rewards on their debit cards as well as credit cards. Our bank does this and so we are able to avoid the credit card trap while still using the same type of points reward program.

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