Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Financial Goals for 2011

Let me assure you, these are not MY goals. These are my peoples' goals. My top goals are:
1. Eat more snacks.
2. Train my baby sister to get me more snacks.
3. Get a new blue toy.

But my people want to use my blog to tell you about their financial goals for 2011.

This year, my people really only have one big goal: Tell Wells Fargo where they can shove our mortgage. They have some other minor goals, but really, 99% of their efforts this year are going towards this single goal.

So, instead of giving detailed monthly financial updates, I've decided to take a different route. I will update you on what percentage of our goal we've completed and what things we did each month to come in under budget. Coming in under our budget is our best way to intensify our efforts, so hopefully we'll make some great progress (and can show Wells Fargo who's boss :) ) while not scrimping on the fun and milkbones.

Their other two minor goals are:
:: Add to emergency savings - They have a specific dollar amount they would like to add

:: Pay for only 50% of gifts out of pocket - This one requires some clarification. They aren't looking to scrimp on gifts, just that they want to be able to use alternate methods of income to pay for the gifts, rather than using the money in their gift savings account. Any money left over at the end of the year in the gift fund will be donated to charity. This is a great encouragement to come in under budget since it means the "extra" money will benefit someone in need!

Tune in each month to see the progress!

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