Friday, September 24, 2010

A new love

My grandfather got my baby sister a new toy. And it was love at first sight. For both of us. My baby sister loved her the moment she laid eyes on her....and for me....well, I think it's safe to say my heart skipped more than just a few beats.

Her name is Lola.

She was a showgirl. Though, as best I can tell no feathers in her hair. But I am for certain about the "showgirl" part. She worked at a dive called Build-a-Bear, which is where my grandfather and baby sister found her. Don't even get me started on why my grandfather had my baby sister in an establishment that condones this kind of behavior. Basically, folks can saunter into this joint and be entertained by the colorful workers. The appalling part is that none of these (seemingly) happy employees have any clothes on. No,'re supposed to buy them clothes. These poor critters are expected to find themselves a sugar daddy (or mamma) in order to receive a basic human right. Appalling. Am I right? I said, am I right???

I'm off my soap box now. Lola has a good home now. We snuggle.

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