Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Have you tried this stuff??

This stuff is awesome. I have seen people mention it on several blogs, and so I decided to give it a whirl for myself. Overall, I am trying to move to more natural cleaners (more to come on that later) since my baby sister is in the house now and putting everything in her mouth, but if this really was as good as everyone said it was, I wanted to give it a shot. Um, it totally is. My people frequently complain about how Fod and I get hair all over the house (I don't see the problem), and after the first time my mom used this to dust/wipe down, it actually seems to repel the dust and so she hasn't had to dust as often. Plus, it works great on all sorts of surfaces....probably why they call it multi-surface...go figure. There have been lots of coupons in the Sunday paper for B1G1 for Pledge Multi-Surface, so if you stumble across one, I'd definitely give it a shot. It'll be well worth your money. It won "best new product" from Good Housekeeping and a few other awards. Impressive stuff. Also, it smells nice :)

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