Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Office clean up

I am embarassed to admit that I let my people make this much of a mess in the office. The office is an important area, as this is where my crate is. I think it's pretty obvious here that the feng shui is off in all sorts of ways. No matter, a few weeks ago, my people had a super-dee-duper clean up effort in the office. This is before (coughembarassingcough...ahem):

...and again with the before (the other side of the room)...

...and this is me in the midst of my great clean up effort.

This is after...

...much better.

There is still some stuff to put away (i.e. that huge plastic bin sitting on the floor), but overall it's WAY better than when we started. I will keep my people in line better next time so it doesn't get that bad.

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