Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1095 in 365 April Tally

This was a very successful month:
- 1 pack incense

- 14 baby bottles

- 2 cassette tapes

- 1 travel alarm clock

- 1 drinking glass (broken)

- 2 cell phones

- 2 cell phone chargers

- 9 books

- 4 baby items

- 1 undergarment (trash)

- 2 large black bags baby items

- 1 bedding item

- 1 clock

Total: 41 items

So, to date, my people have gotten rid of 104 items (though, actually more because that doesn't count what is in the large black garbage bags that get counted as one item). We've definitely made up some ground since we are now only 16 items off pace, where as last month, we were 35 off pace for the year. Can't wait to see what next month holds!

I have decided to hold a yard sale towards the end of the summer. In the mean time, I am collecting items for the sale. So, some things on this list have been given away/sold and some are going in the boxes for the yard sale. Anything not sold at the yard sale will get given away, so no matter what, these items are leaving my house (just not at this very moment). I am looking forward to the yard sale because this will be my very first one and I feel like I honestly have a lot to offer! I am excited!

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