Friday, May 6, 2011

Show Me the Money: April Summary

guest post by my mom

April was really good. Especially considering the only ways I earned money was through selling a few items and Swagbucks. I didn't have time to do any surveys this month, so none of the income is from those avenues.

The numbers?
Cash: $284.00

Gift Cards: $5.00

Between visitors and getting back into home management after my shoulder surgery, I just didn't have the time to visit the survey sites. I'd say $289 was a pretty good haul for so little time and effort! This brings the yearly total to $1610!! During April, I primarily clicked through my MyPoints emails, took the daily polls on Swagbucks and clicked through Swagbucks TV, and (of course) used Ebates for all the online purchases I made.

Be sure to check back regularly because I have posts coming up on MyPoints, CashCrate, and Surveyhead that you won't want to miss! These are all websites I've used for a while and gotten paid through, so they are definitely reputable. If you're looking to stretch your budget a bit, or just earn a little money to throw towards your debt snowball, these are great ways to do that.

If you need to catch up, you can read the other Show Me the Money posts here and here.

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