Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Show Me the Money: First Quarter Summary

guest post by my mom

If you didn't catch my first installment of Show Me the Money, you can check it out here.

I've mentioned I'm on a quest to encourage other people (and by "other people" I mean the 3 of you who read this blog) to think outside the box and find ways to expand their budget through alternate sources of income. Saving money doesn't always come in the form of coupons or freebies. Sometimes you just have to roll up your sleeves and get creative.

Ok, so between gift cards and cash (i.e. eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist) here's how we did during February and March:

Gift Cards - $15.00

Cash - $215.00

For a total of $1321 generated in the last 3 months, for pretty minimal work. While January was a particularly good month, March was really slow since I was out of commission due to shoulder surgery. This type of thing ebbs and flows depending on how much time you have, but for our family, it's well worth the minuscule amount of effort I have to put into earning this money.

So far, April has already earned us more than February and March combined, so I am looking forward to giving you an update on more of the details of what types of things we've been unloading to generate the extra income in the next installment of Show Me the Money!

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