Saturday, May 14, 2011

"It all sleeps the same"

guest post by my mom

A few days ago, we talked about how you're not that know, in the general sense. Of course you're important to your close friends, family, and loving, faithful 4-legged friends. But often, the material things we think we need are really just projections of what we think others think we should have. In reality, those others don't care. Having an SUV because you have 2 kids, car seats, strollers, and want to fit groceries in the car too? A full-size sedan would do the trick for a much lower price tag (not to mention cheaper gas and maintenance). Don't get me wrong, if you truly love your SUV and it makes your life exponentially better, is within your budget, and fits your family's needs, then by all means. But often times, we have our priorities a little jumbled (more on that later....there's a post coming up next week on developing your priorities!) and don't really need that SUV.

Textbook specimen of "loving, faithful, 4-legged friend"

I've given the "you're not that important" speech and "you don't really NEED" that speech to myself 100 times, so I'm well acquainted with the gist of it.

Enter: Our master bedroom bedding. All speeches immediately fly out of window.

I hate it. I bought it a while ago with the intention that it would last for about a year until we could save up to buy some new bedding. Now, I'd really like to get that new bedding, but we have other priorities on our financial goals list. So, I have to wait. Impatiently.

While I was drooling over the Pottery Barn catalog the other day, it occurred to me. Who cares what kind of bedding we have? You know, other than me? Who? We like to have friends over...when people come over to our house, do they see our bedroom? No. When guests stay in our home do they stay in our bedroom? No. Is our bedroom used for entertaining, visiting, hanging out, or any other time other than sleeping/showering? Nope.

Hm. Interesting.

So, I am bent out of shape about needing new bedding because Jack and Fod care? Not likely. My husband must care! No. He says it "all sleeps the same". Do any of my friends or family care what I am sleeping on? Um, no. So, it's really just me that has an issue with this bedding? Yes, because I'm not that important.

Don't get me wrong. I still fantasize about getting under some freshly laundered Restoration Hardware 800 thread count sheets that match my newly bought Italian vintage-washed duvet. Not that I've thought about this. But now, it's much less painful to wait until we have the funds in our budget to buy the bedding. I'm not that important, but our family IS--and keeping us out of debt is a great reason to remember my place on the totem pole.

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