Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Well bless her heart

As I've mentioned, this joint fell-a-part in the last 8 weeks. My mom has been trying to get things back on the straight and narrow this week. You can follow also follow her spring cleaning progress here.

Can't be that bad, you say? Oh but it can. It so so so can.

Please let me preface this with: I can't believe I'm putting these pictures on the internet.

Here are my 'before' pictures:

The kitchen after the Easter feast

The laundry disaster area

The much-neglected master bedroom. Frightening, n'est-ce pas?


More laundry disaster

Not to worry. There will be a huge improvement by the time I post pictures on Friday. I am not letting the woman rest until she cleans this place up. Instead, I have offered to do the sleeping for her. So, I will be laying on the couch while she cleans. I'm just that kind of friend.

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