Saturday, December 18, 2010

Just a little closer, please

My people and I are on a road trip to our new home. It's 3000 miles from our old home (according to my handy, dandy GPS). We've sniffed all sorts of interesting things. Last night we saw 3 coyotes at a gas station that we stopped at. I totally could have taken them. Fod had my back and he's scrappy. But, my people agreed that we didn't want to embarrass the coyotes, so we kept going. Coyotes, if you're reading this...don't think you'll be so lucky next time. I'm fixin' to whoop on you if I see you again.


Back to the road trip.

My baby sister has this bag FULL of snacks. The best part is, every time I eat all the snacks in her bag, my people just refill it. It's fantastic. My people call it the "diaper bag" but it should totally be renamed the "snack bag". Who cares about diapers anyway? Snacks are the more relevant item in the bag. Plus, since we're traveling, she doesn't have her usual seat, so she sits at my snout level to eat. See?

It's totally the best part of this trip. If she drops something, I'm all over it.

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