Monday, November 29, 2010

Child Passenger Safety

That is what the "pros" call it. Yup. Child Passenger Safety. You know, putting your kid in a car seat. It's really important to use it correctly. You have to make sure it fits your child properly and that it fits in your car properly and that you actually use it. I mean, what good is it, if you don't even strap your kid in? Car seats aren't just for looking fashionable.

So, in perusing the owner's manual of my baby sister's car seat the other day, I discovered that no where in there does it mention it should be used for only one passenger at a time. An oversight on Britax's part, I'm sure. Because I'm pretty sure only one party is strapped in appropriately here:

But, seriously, kudos to Fod for getting a primo view out the window. A+ on head work.

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