Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bookin' It: August Update

T is for Trespass - Ehhhh. Light summery reading. Kept me interested (sort of) but definitely not a literary work of art. I probably wouldn't read it again, but it was ok.

Don't Panic--Dinner's in the Freezer - Um, if you have ever thought about doing some freezer cooking, you need to go get this book and read it. My Gramma got this book for my mom last Christmas and even though I've made my mom cook 1 or 2 recipes out of it, this was the first time I've sat down and actually read it cover to cover and checked out the recipes. The book is genius. I'll be making many more of these recipes.

Once-A-Month Cooking - This one seems above my skill level right now. I definitely think it has some good recipes in it, and I think it'd be great if I could get to the point where I'm able to do this, but right now, it's just not realistic. In the Don't Panic book, it's easy to make one recipe and just triple it (one for dinner that night, and 2 for the freezer)--this book goes way beyond that and while it's a great concept, I just don't think I'm there yet. I'll hang onto the book and re-visit it in a few months when I'm feeling more confident.

Also, I am almost done with the Bible, so that has taken up most of my reading time right now. It's not exactly something you buzz right on through if you know what I mean. I had hoped to get a bit more reading done this month, but am happy with what I accomplished nonetheless. There's always next month!

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  1. once we get to mugu, we can do freezer cooking days together while the guys watch the kids :O)