Friday, September 10, 2010

1095 in 365 August Tally

Since I cleaned up that cluttered corner that I was using as my "logo", I thought I better pick a new picture of clutter in my home to use. This is only temporary clutter because I am reorganizing/consolidating and am using an empty guest room to do it. Folks, we're having a yard sale! Yep, that's right. So, some of this stuff is for that, and some of it just needs to get consolidated and repacked to make better use of space. In any event, this room has become my reorganization room....and it is super cluttered right now. So, it fits the bill perfectly for an "I-need-a-cluttered-picture-for-my-Declutter-Challenge-post".

Moving on.

Here's how I did in August:


- 4 baby items

- 6 picture frames

- 1 bookmark

- 3 kitchen items

- 6 pairs of shorts

- 6 pairs of shoes

- 25 personal/toiletry items

- 1 set of earphones

- 3 cleaning items

Total: 55

Though, I didn't have a bunch of items I got rid of a TON of trash by cleaning out our desk drawers and cabinets. So, all that trash isn't accounted for in my tally, but our house is definitely grateful nonetheless.

A total of 490 things have left our house since this challenge started!

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