Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thank you for your patience

I haven't been able to blog daily because I've been scrapbooking. Yes, I scrapbook. See?

And, boy, you ought'a see what I can do with some brads, squiggly scissors, stickers, and glue. Watch out.

In any case, the room where I have all my scrapbook supplies (ok, fine, they're my mom's scrapbook supplies) also has the computer and since I have all my craft supplies strewn all over, it's very difficult to get to the computer to blog.

See this?

On the right hand side you can see the chair for the desk where I blog. I think this easily explains why it's difficult to blog right now. However, it's doing a world of good as far as cleaning out my craft supplies, which is high on my list of de-cluttering before we move at the end of the year. My plans are to keep my mom on task and have her finish up all the scrapbooks that she's started, but not to start any new ones. Moving forward, she will be using the digital photo books that you can order online since they take up less space and look so nice. After she's done catching up on her scrapbooking, she's going to use what's left of her supplies to make greeting cards (those darn things are so expensive, and most people just through them away!) and then find a good home for whatever supplies are left.


That was a long explanation. I should probably go nap.

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  1. lolol i used to scrapbook like crazy too. til i discovered shutterfly. :O) now i'm lazy