Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Freezer cooking update

The freezer cooking evenings have been going well. Tonight I cooked up sausage to use in a few recipes. Sausage has been on ridiculously good sales where I grocery shop, plus there have been good coupons, so I've bought a decent amount and put it in the freezer. Tonight I cooked some of it to use in quiche, spaghetti sauce, and to use as topping for homemade pizza.

I made a sausage, green pepper, and onion quiche to go in the freezer to eat when some of our company is here. I promise not to eat this one. Maybe.

There is also one batch of cinnamon rolls almost ready for the freezer. Tomorrow I will be in my crate all day because my mom has to take my baby sister somewhere, so obviously I can't cook from my crate. Hopefully I can cook in the evening though. I want to make another batch of cinnamon rolls for the freezer and some cookie dough for the freezer. I'm a regular Susie Homemaker.

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