Monday, June 14, 2010

Freezer cooking days? Not exactly.

I am making my mom do some freezer cooking this week since we're having a lot of guests over the next few weeks. She's cooking exactly what's on that white board and has already finished a few of the items. Most of the muffins have already been eaten because she made them last week and we've been eating them for breakfasts, but she has some bananas to make another batch, so she'll probably do that since they were really easy. With company coming and going, plus trips away from home, it'll be way easier to just be able to come home and throw something in the oven rather than start from scratch! I will post pictures over the next day or so of the progress. Not exactly "live blogging"...just moderately delayed :) She doesn't have time to devote to a whole freezer cooking day, so freezer cooking "evenings" will have to suffice.

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