Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This little piggy went to market...

Here's what my people got this week at the grocery store. The total was $29.65 before coupons and $24.51 after coupons, for a savings of 18%. Not great, but better than nothing. Plus, the diet coke and Simply Limeade are not items we would normally buy, as we generally don't buy pre-made beverages. These were for a good cause though--we're having visitors! Anyway, minus the atypical beverage purchases, the total would have been $17.41 with a savings of 26%. Some of my better deals were:

Tissues - $0.99 with $1/1 - free!
McCormick seasoning packets - $0.50/each with $1/2 coupon - free!
Lucky Charms (the big box!) - on sale for $1.89 with $0.55/1 coupon - $1.34!
Yoplait yogurts - 8 @ $0.45 each with $1/8 coupon - $0.32 each!

The Ramen noodles were a good deal at $0.10/each. While not the healthiest option, you can easily dress them up with some veggies or use just the noodles (no seasoning) in stir fry, so they're a win for us!

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