Thursday, April 22, 2010

Freezer cooking!

Today I am doing a big batch of cooking to put meals in the freezer. This makes the end of the day much easier when my people are trying to put my baby sister to bed. My plans for freezer cooking always end up being too ambitious, but I figure you have to have goals, right? So, my plan is to do as much of it as I can and hopefully it will be a success. Here's what I have planned:

- waffles x 4
- apple cinnamon muffins
- corn muffins
- pot of pinto beans
- chicken tetrazzini x 2
- spinach, brown rice, cheese casserole x 2
- cookie dough
- chicken and rice casserole x 2

I also plan on trying this meatloaf recipe for dinner tonight. I am going off the beaten path from my menu plan for the week :) I am also hoping that I can organize my pantry in the process since I will be using some things up. This is a task from my spring cleaning list that I have been putting off! I may try to rope my people into making Snickerpoodles for me too. Oh how I love those.

I will, of course, post pictures as I cook so you can see how well I keep my people on task.

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