Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Where has the time gone?

I apologize for the untimely blogging. Lots has happened:

1.) I went to camp. It was amazing. They accidentally fed me double for the full 10 days, so rather than getting a cup of Eukaneuba for the day, I got a cup TWICE a day! My mom says I got chubby, but I disagree. I have an athletic build, I just happen to not do anything athletic.

2.) My dad came for a visit and we all went to see my grandparents. They have fuzzy stuff on the floor called "carpet". It gives you amazing traction for running like a sprinter on 'roids. It definitely takes the Crazy Game (which is usually played around the coffee table) to the next level.

3.) I went to a dog park today. SUPER FUN! There are tons of other dogs to play with and I can pee wherever I want. The downside you ask? It's exhausting to watch all those dogs run around. For the most part, I sat on the bench with the people (everyone loved me). I had to rest when I got home. I'm still pretty toasted. I better go lie down again.

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