Saturday, January 8, 2011

Type A's Need Not Apply

Budgeting is hard work. It's not easy. It requires forfeiting a lot. And about a billion revisions....during the first week. This isn't a test and no one gets a 100%. Don't let anyone make you feel like a failure for not creating the "perfect" budget.

There's no such thing.

:: Take it slowly - Each month is different and presents different issues and obstacles. If you need to, budget by paycheck instead of by month. Once you get the hang of that, then stretch it to the month.

:: Establish a Finance Committee - The committee might consist of just you and your dog. Or you and your spouse. Or just you. But set aside some time each month to evaluate how your month went. What do you need to tweak for next month? What worked well? Did you over-budget for some areas and under-budget for others? Designate time out of your month to really hash out how things went.

:: Give yourself a healthy dose of grace - Your budget likely won't work the first few months, especially if you're trying to create a zero-based budget. Don't beat yourself up. You'll only get discouraged. Find some like-minded friends (even if they're just on the internet!) to help you stay positive and encouraged.

But most importantly....keep at it!

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