Sunday, January 30, 2011

Daily Routine

guest post by my mom

There has been a lot of talk around the frugal-blogosphere about daily routines, home management binders, housekeeping notebooks, etc. Essentially many folks were trying to organize their 2011 better than their 2010.

A noble cause, indeed.

We all want to have a clean, tidy house and lots of time to spend with our friends and family, so I wanted to jump on the bandwagon too. Crystal and Fishmama both had great ideas for daily housekeeping lists, but nothing that really fit my needs/season of life. I don't have 6 kids and I don't homeschool, therefore I needed something different.

So, I took ideas from both (plus a few others I found on the web) and made one that fit what I'd like to accomplish in any given week. I've been following it for about the last 6 weeks and it's great! I really didn't want to write about my new to-do list until I'd had the opportunity to actually follow it and see how things went. The first few days were rocky. I had to refer to it a lot to "remember" what I needed to do. I have my list right next to my calendar. It's super easy to take a peek and see what needs to be done, and keep myself on task.

Now, things are in a pretty good groove and even busy days filled with the unexpected, don't turn my world upside down. The house stays clean and tidy, dinner gets made, laundry stays done, and I have time in the evenings to relax. I chalk up much of the new-found organization to the decluttering we did, but I'd say, even by itself the list was a great implementation in our house!

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