Monday, June 7, 2010

I *heart* lists

While my mom and baby sister were out of town, some of the household to-do's fell by the wayside. I have spent most of this week trying to get my people back on the straight and narrow. This weekend is the first weekend in a very long while that my people don't have oodles of plans on their calendar. So, they're using this weekend to get as much stuff done as they can (while still trying to enjoy the weekend!). Here is the optimistic to do list for the weekend, but we all know it may be a bit ambitious since things rarely go as planned!:

- weed all flower beds (we've had a ton of rain lately and it's made the weeds grow about 10x faster!) - nearly done. Still need to do the front but we've had storms the last 2 days.
- get clothes out of my baby sister's room that she's out-grown - DONE!
- make cooking/shopping list for freezer cooking days next week - DONE! (more on this to come)
- start cleaning out shed - not done yet. I knew it was too ambitious to think this would get done this weekend. Hopefully we'll get to work on it this coming weekend.
- de-clutter office and add items to garage sale stash
- de-clutter bathrooms
- consolidate shelving in craft room in order to get rid of one bookcase

The to-do list has been updated a bit for the week. I'm sure I'll add more stuff as the week goes on as well, but you gotta start somewhere, right??

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