Monday, April 26, 2010

Final results of Freezer Cooking Day!

I realize this is very late, but here's what we made:

- 6 chicken tetrazzini
- 1 chicken and rice
- 2 spinach, rice, and cheese casserole
- 2 dozen dinner rolls
- 5 bags beans, cooked
- cookie dough

I wish I had a picture, but unfortunately I got tied up....well, I got, ok, fine. I fell asleep. Anyway, let's not split hairs. The fact is, I didn't remind my mom to take a picture of everything she cooked when she was done. Oops. Next time. The list got hugely revised because my dad ate all the bananas before my mom could turn them into muffins/bread and then she ran out of milk. So, the list got tweaked a bit, but considering I made her also take care of my baby sister during that time, she was pretty productive. I am awarding her an A for effort.

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