Friday, April 30, 2010

April Financial Goals Update


On the one hand, this month was great. On the other hand, not so much. The No Spend Challenge went fairly well (even though I forgot to do all the posts for it. I got a case of Crystal-itis). So, for the month we ended up well under budget for groceries and gas, which is great. Plus, we saved money in all of our budget areas from the No Spend Challenge. We were under by a total of 74 boxes of Milkbones (who cares about "human math", the important thing is to know how many boxes of Milkbones can be bought with the amount saved). So, looking at that, we did great. The downside is, we're not able to put any of the money we saved towards a principle payment on the house because my brother Fod got sick. He was at the vet twice in under a week and had to be admitted for a little while to get some medicine. Plus, he came home with 3 prescriptions. Soooo, all that money that was saved, got spent on Fod. Obviously it's worth spending the money on Fod because he was sick and needed help and the medicine made him feel lots better (in fact, he was back to chasing me around the house today, so he MUST be feeling better).

The good thing in all of this is that despite having an unexpected event, we were able to pay for it without putting anything on a credit card and incurring debt. We have saved and budgeted and have some wiggle room for the unexpected, and thus had only a dog crisis, and not a dog crisis AND a money crisis. So, overall, the month was a wash, but no movement is definitely better than movement in the wrong direction!

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